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Pay For College

Paying For College

SENIORS - Financial Aid for College

  • Every student needs to complete the FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Federal and state aid eligibility is determined by the information submitted on this form. This form needs to be completed after Jan. 1 and received by March 10. I recommend submitting this form by March 1 at the latest.
  • The web address is FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid (Do not use!)
  • Before you can submit the FAFSA online, students and parents should request a pin number at . Parents who already have a PIN used for an older child will use the same PIN for all dependents.
  • For those who prefer to fill out paper forms, you may use the FAFSA worksheet which allows you to fill out the information on paper and then input the data online to be submitted. The worksheets are available in the guidance office and on
  • I would also recommend keeping a copy of the completed form for your files. Tax forms need to be completed before filling out the form or the tax information will have to be estimated and corrected later.
  • FAFSA How To Video